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We Use The Right Tipsters For The Right Races To Bring You The Very
Best Tips.

Discover How Ordinary Punters Are Making
£120,000+ Every Single Year
With Specialist Targeted Tips.

Are you tired of garbage tips FLOODING your inbox?
Are you tired of hearing about so called `expert tipsters' who
fail to deliver?
Are you tired of being promised a BIG WIN, only to lose, time
and time again?

Well I AM. And I'm sure you are too. That's why I started Target
Tipsters to bring you the top tips from the right tipsters to GUARANTEE
incredible profits.

In the past 12 months I personally made £123,770.38 in betting profits
and very soon you will see a six-figure bank balance too.

Forget pinching pennies, forget double shifts, forget losing sleep over
debt and bills.
Today is the day that everything changes for you with Target Tipsters.
Before long you'll have the spare cash to go on luxury shopping sprees,
travel to the Bahamas... even buy a new sports car!

The possibilities are endless when you're making
more than £10,000 every single month from betting.

And making that kind of money is easy! You don't have to be an expert
analyst or pro tipster to make £2,500 THIS WEEK. All you need is a few
spare minutes and a little help from us.

You see, each morning I will personally send you an email containing
the bets you need to place. These selections will have been
specifically selected by our expert team to give you the best possible

Here's how it works;

Our team analyses the tracks, weather conditions and external variables
for that day. A pro tipster is then assigned to each race (dependent of
their individual expertise) Their expert selections are sent to your
inbox. You place your bets, online or at your local bookmakers. You sit
back and watch as your winners cross the finish line!

Anyone can make money with our tips! It doesn't matter if you don't
have the first idea about betting because we do the hard part for you.
We tell you which horse to back in which race. All you have to do is
place your bets and collect your winnings!
Placing a winning bet takes just five minutes!
You can make £2,300 this week without leaving your home!

Very soon you can feel as good as they do now!
But don't get too carried away...
This isn't a get rich quick strategy. I won't make you a millionaire
overnight and yon can't buy a Lamborghini Huracán next week... but you
can consistently make £10,000 every single month if you follow my
advice to the letter.
I don't know about you but a five-figure monthly income from just 5
minutes work each morning sounds pretty good to me.

Let me tell you a little more about our organisation so you can have a
clearer idea of WHY we're so good at what we do...

It all began about three years ago when I was running a fairly
successful but mostly unknown tipping service from my home office in
Thanks to several years of industry experience in my early twenties I'd
developed a pretty good eye for a winner. I went from tipping off
friends and family, to tipping off friends of friends, to growing a
small online following. Over time that following grew and grew and
eventually I decided to expand my business by hiring two new tipsters.
The first was 27 year old Aaron Myers, a former jockey that I'd known
for more than five years.The second was Frank Johnson, a 56 year old
former newspaper tipster.
It became clear to me pretty quickly that we each had our own
individual strengths when it came to making selections. Frank was more
familiar with the `older' horses. Aaron knew more about the new
runners. I made more accurate selections on different tracks to Aaron
and Frank and they too had tracks that they knew inside out.
I then began to wonder if this phenomenon could be true across the
board; if just as horses perform better in certain conditions, tipsters
too prove to be better when making their analysis of certain

From then I began comparing my own daily selections to the selections
of my main rival, Denis Scott. We had been good friends in our
twenties, but things turned sour when we each became tipsters and
consequently became each other's competition.
I realised from comparing our selections that the weather had a notable
impact on our performance. His selections were more accurate in damp
weather and mine were better in dry conditions.
It was then that I came up with the idea to assign a specific tipster
to the race and race condition that best suited him. I divided the
attention of Aaron, Frank and myself between our "speciality races" and
then set to work on convincing Denis to join our team.
I told him about my idea; I showed him a comparison of our selections
and results and explained that if we were all to work together we would
greatly improve our strike rate and make much more money overall.
After some persuasion, he said yes. He recognised that four heads were
better than one.
Within a matter of weeks our tipping service was an internet sensation!
EVERYONE was talking about us. We even had a short mention on the
national news!

We now each make more than £120,000 every single year and so do our
members... and so will you!

Because of our combined specialties,
our tips are the best of the best.

And today we're offering a special promotion for new members

Usually the price to join Target Tipsters is £399.99 per year. But
today you can sign up for a ONE OFF payment of just £29.99!

You pay only once and then you're a member FOR LIFE!


60 Days Risk Free GUARANTEED

You should be biting off my hand for this offer.
And if you thought this offer couldn't get anymore tempting - guess
Today you can join us with a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!
If you don't make £2,300 this week we'll give you all of your money
This is a 100% Risk Free Offer.

Join Target Tipsters NOW and
enjoy a life of financial freedom


When you're making £10,000 every single month in tax free betting
profits you'll be able to afford everything you ever wanted.
Don't put this off. Join Target Tipster RIGHT NOW and Win Big Tomorrow.
I look forward to following your success.
Daniel West.

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